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Mushroom Growing Workshop Shiitake Grow Kit
Mushroom Growing WorkshopShiitake Grow Kit

Come join us Nov 2nd 10am to 5pm and learn about the wonderful world of mushroom cultivation! We'll teach you how to grow delicious mushrooms at your home, school or business. During this half-day experience you will learn practical gowing techniques...

Shiitake is our favorite mushroom and our most popular product for good reason! The mushrooms are easily grown indoors at temps averaging 60-70ºF



Wine Cap Stropharia Garden Starter Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit
Wine Cap Stropharia Garden StarterOyster Mushroom Grow Kit

Grow delicious Wine Cap mushrooms in your garden or landscaping! Inoculate in spring and 

Oyster mushrooms are commonly found in the wild and can be grown successfully indoors as well!



Shiitake Plugs Black Mushroom Tees!
Shiitake PlugsBlack Mushroom Tees!

Shiitake plug spawn from Cascadia Mushrooms uses a high-quality and vigorous growing strain of Shiitake that fruits in a wide-range of temperatures and climates

High quality, super comfy American Apparel t-shirts with our original mushroom art. Choose your favorite or get all three! Made in USA



5 Lb Shiitake Box "Team Mushroom" Raglan Shirts!
5 Lb Shiitake Box"Team Mushroom" Raglan Shirts!

This is arguably the best of all cultivated mushrooms. Flavor strong in umami yet not overpowering, highly medicinal as well!

Join "Team-Mushroom" and represent your favorite species when you sport these awesome & unique designs!



"The Mushroom Lady" V-Neck Cascadia Zip Hoodie
"The Mushroom Lady" V-NeckCascadia Zip Hoodie

High quality, super comfy American Apparel v-neck t-shirts for the ladies with our original mushroom art. Made in USA

Stay warm in a sweet Cascadia zip hoodie with our original mushroom art